June Chapter Meeting

  • 12 Jun 2019
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Cosentino, 10015 Foothills Blvd #150 Roseville, CA 95747


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EARN 2 CEUs at NKBA's June Meeting

Rewriting the Rules on Kitchen Lighting
NKBA's featured presenter Doug Walter

Session Description

Most kitchens are poorly lit.  But designers and lighting experts don’t agree on which lamps work best in which fixtures, and especially where those fixtures need to be located. Since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, Doug first used a light meter app on his phone, to measure delivered foot candles on the countertops of the old kitchens he was working on. NKBA and IESNA agree that 50 fc is the minimum for kitchen counters. But, most existing kitchens he measured had less than 20 fc. 

To do it better, he used his own and client kitchens under remodel as his “lab”, and mocked up 
different types of fixtures, lamps and layouts. He quickly discovered that all lumens are not created equal. Choosing the right PAR30 lamp for instance, yielded 10 x more foot candles than a BR30 bulb, even though both bulbs were rated the same lumen output! 

Next he redesigned their kitchen lighting and then had a lighting engineer model the layouts on a computer, adjusting the layout and beam spreads to achieve target light levels. Finally, he went back after the kitchen remodels were complete to take actual foot candle levels, confirming the simulations.  

Doug contends that the best kitchen lighting is layered, and comes from a blend of art, with a little bit of science to back it up.  He will share dozens of award-winning kitchens NKBA to demonstrate great lighting. 


Architect Doug Walter, an active NKBA member from Denver, is on the national working group charged with updating the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Design Guidelines. He also served on the joint NAHB-AARP committee in 2000, that created the CAPS certification, and wrote part of the curriculum. He believes that good lighting is a critical part of accessible design. A winner of 150 local and national design awards, his work has appeared in over 230 magazine articles.  He speaks frequently at conferences including KBIS, IBS, JLC Live, AIA, Construct, and others. Doug also contributes design-oriented articles to Pro Remodeler, Pro Builder, Remodeling, This Old House, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Up Close and Personal with Hard Surfacing Materials
A tour presented by Cosentino

Session Description

This one hour facility tour will better inform the designer about the various “HARD” surfacing materials that are available and how they have evolved. This live course will provide a visual walking tour where individuals can actually interact with the raw materials and see how they are transformed into finished products. Integrating key sustainable concepts such as water conservation, life cycle analysis indoor air quality and sustainable materials certifications, this course will compare and contrast both the aesthetic and physical properties of the various materials with other hard surfacing materials and illustrate how these attributes can greatly affect the end user, the project, and the environmental impact. 

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